About Zach

After leaving college I became a VISTA volunteer and a representative for Model Cities in Uptown, Chicago. I also co-founded a school for high school dropouts called the People’s School. Eventually I moved to Boston to work at Project Place, a social service workers’ collective. When I left Project Place the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health hired me to train their staff in advanced counseling, after which I continued as a private counselor for 15 years for individuals, couples, and groups, before deciding to write fiction.

The first three books in the Matt Jacob Mystery series, Still Among the Living, Two Way Toll, and No Saving Grace were published in the United States, Great Britain, and Japan. No Saving Grace was also published in Germany.

The fourth book in the series, Ties that Blind, was written shortly after No Saving Grace. I took it with me when I left writing in disillusionment due to serious censorship issues with my publisher. But after 16 years and a revolution in technology, I’m back.

I’ve released e-book versions of the first three novels. They’ll be available from this website as PDFs, and from sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Smashwords for various e-readers (see the “Matt Jacob eBooks” tab for more details). Ties that Blind and all the new books in the series will be available as PDFs, e-books, and via Print on Demand.

During my writing hiatus, I stayed pretty creative learning to read music and play the saxophone. I called on all my past work experience to team up with several national law firms as a trial and jury consultant, taking cases of people injured or killed while working for major corporations. I also worked with a local Bar Advocate, who represented the poor and disenfranchised in criminal cases.

That work was meaningful and enjoyable, but the return to writing feels terrific. I’m looking forward to the new Matt Jacob Mystery novel,TIES THAT BLIND which will be published by Polis Books as both an e-book and trade paperback this coming March. Of course I think the story is interesting and suspenseful, but it also deals with the 16-year difference, the changes in Matt Jacob’s life, his crew, and the culture in which we now live. The idea makes me smile.

I live in Boston with my wife Susan E. Goodman, a children’s book author, and have two great sons (ages 43 and 28), a wonderful daughter-in-law and two newly born twin grandchildren.