BY Zachary Klein

I’ve known Michael for close to thirty-five years. During that time we decorated my apartment together (he was living downstairs), wallpapered (actually Michael did that with Sue), and attended his “decades” party. He threw them at his place and completely remodeled the interior to match the time in which the party was taking place. And of course Michael designed the previous covers for my Matt Jacob novels.

But more importantly, I’ve watched his growth as an artist and learned that acclaim and acknowledgement don’t have to change who you are and who you want to be. That’s a gift that keeps on giving as I travel through my own creative endeavors. But rather than¬† go on about Michael, his life, and his work—please just enjoy.

6 thoughts on “MICHAEL PAUL SMITH

  1. Zach, thanks for sharing this video! I’ve always loved the covers Michael did for your Matt Jacob books and have seen the Elgin Park miniatures on his website. I’m in awe of them! I can only imagine the type of patience it must take to create those scenes. The video gives us a chance to learn more about the artist’s life and what led him to create Elgin Park. He’s a multi-talented man who seems quite modest and down-to-earth. I hope others will take the time to watch this video and get to know Michael and his work.

  2. Thank you so much for this, Zach and Michael. I agree with Sherri. Plus, I never knew there was an art like this. Seeing a beautiful person live his dream gives me a lot of hope. Hearing what he overcomes daily, gives me a great feeling in my heart. Plus, I notice that here is a very brilliant guy who can talk about his life, and the complications of living, in a language that is clean, clear and compassionate. I get lost in interviews that are complex with intellectual data only some Harvard professor could understand. Michael’s humanity shines through.

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