Addendum From Hinterland

Life sometimes throws curves.  People sometime throw curves.  Tonight it’s my turn.

As those of you who follow my posts know, I had planned to write regularly about the trial I’m working on from the front line.  That is, while it was happening.

Well, for a variety of reasons I’m not.  Instead, I plan to take copious notes since the trial began today, (no settlement) and when I return home will decide whether to write a day-to-day account or a detailed summary of the trial and my time out here.

In fact, given the amount of work, I’m not even sure I’ll publish my regular Monday post–though I’ll give it my best shot. (Can a writer publish a rerun?)

Anyway, I apologize for not following through on what I promised, but right now my priority has changed.

Hang in with me friends.  There will be many more interesting posts in the coming months and years.  And thank you for your understanding.

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