As part of our New Year’s resolution to become a more exciting website, we’ve been turning over various ideas. But it occurred that the best people to ask are our readers. What do you enjoy? What would YOU like to see more of?

Commentary on popular culture (movies, television, music, sports)? Reviews? More politics? More art and literature? An advice column? (Just joking!) What interests you, as readers?

Also strategic ideas. One of the fun parts for the two of us is the back and forth that sometimes occurs in the comments. We welcome any thoughts about how we might expand the discussions, especially if you’ve been to websites where community interactions work well. And, of course, any publicity ideas would be a terrific help. That’s most definitely not in our wheelhouse!!

So please chime in as much and as many times as you want. We need your input in order to make an informed decision about what comes next. Thanks, folks.

Kelly & Klein

P.S. Kelly wrote the “Just joking” line about an advice column. Klein would love to give it a shot!

7 thoughts on “CHANGE IS GONNA COME

  1. How about ads that pop up and take the entire screen?

    No. Please. Don’t.

    It’s just as hard to offer suggestion to your site as it is to come up with stuff of my own.

    Although a Dr. Zach column might be fun.

  2. It would be cool if the two of you wrote a dialogue… 2 voices, sometimes, like the Bruce & Brian show (although those guys get on my nerves)… nevertheless I’d love to be a fly on the weall listening to your back ‘n forth over anything… politics, advice, anything you’ve experienced in your lives as real live people, artists, writers, parents? (I don’t know if you have children, Susan), whatever… comedy is great, but energetic and free form, just spilling… I just love anything you guys write. Although I know you work hard to make your writing appear ‘spontaneous’ I always love the fresh feel of spontaneity. Let ‘er rip. Hope you don’t end this beautiful weekly ‘blog’ or whatever this is called. See, I’m not very computer informed… Love to you both… Kathleen

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